Headless Ninja

Magically uniting the best of Drupal and React. We take care of the boring stuff.


Headless Ninja is the missing piece in connecting your Drupal and React. Create components for your Drupal entities and have all their data & your Drupal configuration available automagically. You can focus on building beautiful, interactive front-ends. We take care of the boring stuff.


  • Works out of the box

    Enable the Drupal module, and you’re ready to go! It uses Drupal standards to make sure it works with most installations. We provide a distribution if you want to kickstart a new installation.

  • Performant

    By limiting the amount of data sent from the server, the user can navigate to new pages truly fast. We track all content sent to users, so data is never sent twice.

  • Configurable

    The Drupal module also contains various sub-modules, that extend the default functionalities of Headless Ninja and allow you to customize the data sent to the front-end.

  • Hackable

    By using the new widely-used Drupal 8 developer patterns like events and annotation plugins, you can painlessly add your custom code and take full control of your content.

  • Compatible

    We use the default Entity API from Drupal, which means that all entities work without any modification needed. For some widely used modules, we added extra functionalities (like images and views).

  • Non-exclusive

    While you probabily don’t need any other API when you enable this module, of course it’s still possible to user other API modules like JSON API and GraphQL.

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